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Not been doing much to the car lately, just have a list of things to do to it.

Exhaust System for car
Motor mounts for car, poly (84) + (59)
Correct Intercooler brackets
Shifter linkage bushings
Oil cap seal
Oil dipstick seal
Install those sidemarkers

Next oil change:

Install oil cooler
Oil cooler sender
Oil cooler Lines
Turbo Oil feed Relocate
Install oil press sensor
Trans cooler
Trans cooler lines

But I did do this:

Remounted E fan securely on Turbo fan shroud.
1989 240 Turbo
1988 745 Turbo - SOLD
1991 940SE - SOLD
1995 850 T5-R - SOLD
1991 740 Turbo - SOLD
1987 240 - Crushed
1989 740 "Satan"
1987 760 Turbo

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