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I know it does, but I simply cannot find one. I am going to replace the rest of the intake hoses next week just in case, but seriously I can't imagine how I could have any leaks left or why I wouldn't be able to find them with a pressure test.

Plus, wouldn't a huge boost leak mean the vac/boost gauge wouldn't register full pressure?

At this point if I have a leak it's got to be something like a crack in the intake manifold or something.

It's really bizarre since if I keep out of boost the car drives beautifully, like a naturally aspirated 16V Volvo.
No it wouldnt. There is a wastegate. Its purpose in simple terms is to maintain pressure in the intake. If the crappy hose coming off the turbo is leaking Xcfm equal to lets say 2-3psi, the wastegate would remain closed and the pressure would stay the same.
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simple...just throw the redblock in the trash and install, well, almost anything modern

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Yet Asher here went with...
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