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Update, fuel filter and plugs replaced.

Old fuel filter dripped brownish gas out, which left a nice debris residue after it evaporated. "Well, there's your problem..." Immediately the car ran smoother, but still no power.

Checked the plugs, and DANG my plugs got nasty FAST. In July I checked them and they seemed fine, the other day I decided to replace them just for kicks and giggles and three of them showed the charcoal-ish buildup of really nasty fuel deposits and such. Replaced with NGK BPR6ES @ .030" and the bulk of my problems seems to have gone away. I now have boost most of the time even when hot, although about half of the time it will still act like I have a huge boost leak. It seems to be getting better over time, and I'm guessing that the clean fuel is slowly cleaning the injectors out.

I will most likely eventually replace the injectors if I find a good new or rebuilt set of brown tops or equivalent that I can afford. May toss in some concentrated injector cleaner or something and see what happens.

Thanks for all the help, guys. I think I can call this issue closed and I am now moving on to the next problem, which is a big backlog of cosmetic issues and a state of general disassembly I need to address.

Yay for boost!
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