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VIN: 2424L1138026 isnt in Switzerland, its in Sweden.

I have some more VINS from sweden:
1978 2.1L off the road since 1995, VIN: 2424L1135755
1979 2.3L off the road since 2000, VIN: 2428M1147749
Consider 4 more GTs lost in sweden. I have seen them, but the I didnt get the identification plate, so no VIN from them.

Consider this 242GT lost. Dont have the VIN, saved it from a Facebook post. Judging by the mirrors it should be a 1980 model. Junkyard in the USA

And this is my newest project, a 1977 242GT 2.1L with 190k km. Stood since 1992 in the castle parking space of a millionaire.
VIN:2424L1 128289

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