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I found this info in reference to boosted LS fuel injectors. This may explain why higher flow injectors work better on lower pressure.

The best performance for an injector is to maintain a constant DELTA pressure across the injector (which is why there's a vacuum/boost input into most regulators).

Basically, you want a rise of one psi of fuel pressure to each psi of boost (which is what the 1:1 should do if it can handle boost). This maintains a constant pressure across the injector (which makes the tuning much easier, otherwise you have to compensate for pressure in the tune too).

If the injector can flow sufficient flow at a lower delta pressure (and not kill the spray pattern or cause lazy closing of the injector...some rely on the pressure as part of the closing force for the coil).

The lowest pressure that will flow the amount needed through the injectors will prolong the life of the pump and put less heat into the fuel. The current (heat) in DC motors is directly proportional to the mechanical load (pressure).

Running a boost/vacuum referenced regulator reduces the pump load even more.
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