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Tried the 0 280 155 811 injectors with the 3 bar FPR again. Unable to properly adjust the AMM with these injectors @ 3 bar. swapped back to the 2.5 bar FPR.

Noticed something else...I no longer have a hot start issue that seemed like the spark plugs were fouled with fuel. I'm also noticing less fuel smell and less smoke from the exhaust. After looking up leaking fuel injector symptoms I have determined that one or more of the Bosch 0 280 150 945 white-top injectors were leaking down into the intake manifold.

I pulled these injectors and installed thinner lower spacer. I then installed the lower o-ring and original pintle cap (more of a ring). These injectors are about 0.05 inch shorter between the o-rings than the originals.
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