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Still looking for comments on reinstalling the 0 280 150 934 - 30 lbs/hr @ 43.5 psi (315 cc/min @ 3 Bar) injectors. These injectors came from a Supercharged Buick 3.8L V6. They are high-resistance 4-hole nozzle injectors with the correct grooves for fuel rail clips. Ballast resistor has already been bypassed.

The 0 280 155 811 - 34.3 lbs/hr @ 43.5 psi (360.5 cc/min @ 3 Bar) injectors came from a Supercharged Buick 3800 V6, The flow rate of these injectors @ 3 Bar appears to be too high for LH 2.2 with stock AMM. Running these injectors @ 2.5 Bar appears to be the only option. I do not have a 2.7 Bar fuel pressure regulator available to try with these injectors. Mpg's seem to be much lower than with the 30 lbs/hr injectors @ 3 Bar, so I'm guessing that these injectors are not atomizing the fuel all that well at 2.5 Bar.
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