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Honestly it seems like a lot of the basic stuff to make these cars drive is getting hard to find especially if you don’t have a later model or don’t want to shell out for whatever Volvo is putting in blue boxes nowadays. No one makes good OE style strut mounts, all of the OE quality aftermarket bushings have gone NLA, steering racks are hens teeth, etc. etc. There are some performance parts available to fill the void but not on $8/hr and supplies can be inconsistent. 242s are all going to be K-Jet or early LH and that stuff doesn’t exactly grow on trees (or land in the yards) any more, either.

Price wise I agree with RWC, I think you’d be doing pretty good to get a driver for $2500, anything under that is gravy. BAT and the Swedes are driving up the prices of really nice ones.
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