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My fifty cents in a bet has one of the intake air hoses under the intake not connected as it should be.
When this is the case air is measured by the airflow sensor plate (K-Jet) and fuel is delivered as is fitting....... With a big air leak the (pressurized) air does not all go in the cylinders and thus the engine has MUCH more fuel then is needed....... *Ding!! Black smoke.
You let it cool down overnight (maybe your temper cools too......maybe not) and try to start it..... Cranks....starts......runs five seconds or so and DIES along with your faith in the repair shop...... Ugh. It starts and dies a few times cuz the cold start injector adds fuel with cranking with a COLD engine for (if memory serves) 10-15 seconds total cranking time before the thermo-time switch shuts down the cold-start to keep it from flooding. It does not continue to run due to the 'false air' leak caused by the hose that got blown off the intake....... hose that has a hole in it......... split intercooler....... You get the idea.
Considering that you just had work done with the intake manifold...... I'd look there first.
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