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Default 7mgte first purr!!!

Hey, back again here. I got last week a hell of a deal in a dual exhaust for a Brz and I took a gamble to see if it worked. Man does it!!! .Also the seller was real nice and included the entire exhaust length for the price of one. I was dying to go today since last night to see if it works and it was made for the brick wagon and I just turned it upside down and turned around the end bells. Had to cut the rear plastic cover but I was gonna get rid of it anyway. Part of the piping will also be used cause it has a resonator and it looks cool too.I just have to take it to a muffler shop to get the rear elbows done and have it welded together.
Finally the engine purred after Sep 2016. Men Is been a lot of work but it has taken longer cause winters here don't help much. The gas is old so I need to put some racing fuel to clear it out. Fuel pump was superb and blew out the little toy rubber hose and I hear it POP when it developed pressure. It was easy to take out and replace the hose. Once installed I sprang a leak on the fuel rail dew to a loose banjo bolt for the cold start injector. Began testing the waters in ignition and at the beginning it was "Houston we have a problem". I checked for current in the coils and nothing. I checked a relay and it was not sending power to the coils. Rewired it to the fuse box and , BAM!!!! I got spark. Then I tried the second time and it cranked but no go. So then I checked the injector resistor pack and OOOPPS !! I had forgotten to give 12v to the injectors. Rewired it to the fuse box and tried again. At the beginning it wanted to start but since it is turbo and I have not installed the intercooler yet( still in modification process) the air was not metered properly and after 3 seconds the engine shut down.I disconnected the maf wire and voila!!!! the 6 stringer purred like a lion. I was so static to see the engine run again!!!. Now i gotta finish the dashboard and figure out the master clutch pump that's not working. So I might not be able to do anything next weeks dew to other things that are gonna be taking place in the weekends coming up, but my goal was to hear it purr and it did. HOORAY!!!
ok just wanted to share this Magnus moment with you all!!!
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