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Default Covid update

Hey guys ,I AM back,dear Lord what a crazy time. I took a month off and it helped to really make some heavy duty updates and finish the rear suspension with a Volvo 940 locker.
Also the entire front suspension has been done ,that's new shocks,new front polyurethane bushings for the sway bar and new rubber bushings for the front links and outer tie rods.
Clutch is done and the a/c mod is on the works. Also, the Chevy Alt is been upgraded and rebuilt to a 140 amp unit.
Front TV screens have been upgraded for free thanks to the local pick and pull.
Just tested the driveshaft and the rear end up in jack stands and men oh men it rips!!!!.
Also I've upgraded the fuse box to a blade type form .Also I got a rubber boots from a Toyota pickup with just the right angle to cover the mustang shifter. I also just made a cup holder bracket outta scrap parts at work.
Just need to weld the door frame cause is cracked by the lower hinge.
Just did some hids in the screens ,got them for free as well.
Just gotta finished the time consuming details the sing "hit the road,Jack",lol.
Well that's all for now ,stay safe guys
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