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Default Need recommendation on turbo upgrade

I come from the whiteblock world, but have a 745 inbound via trailer later this week. I'm new to redblocks, and could really use some knowledgeable input. I've spoken with prior owner, it has a B230FT with generic ebay T3, but 700CC injectors, IPD turbo cam, 3" TB, FMIC, forged pistons and rods, meth injection, it's an unmodified 8v head and the block has piston squirters.

I'd like to get a bigger turbo ordered, what would be something that would work well with the existing mods? Anything else recommended?

Sorry if I'm leaving anything out, this purchase was a bit of a whim. I was looking for V70's and this 745 popped up and I was intrigued.

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