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Originally Posted by CFStark77 View Post
I come from the whiteblock world, but have a 745 inbound via trailer later this week. I'm new to redblocks, and could really use some knowledgeable input. I've spoken with prior owner, it has a B230FT with generic ebay T3, but 700CC injectors, IPD turbo cam, 3" TB, FMIC, forged pistons and rods, meth injection, it's an unmodified 8v head and the block has piston squirters.

I'd like to get a bigger turbo ordered, what would be something that would work well with the existing mods? Anything else recommended?

Sorry if I'm leaving anything out, this purchase was a bit of a whim. I was looking for V70's and this 745 popped up and I was intrigued.
what engine management? What are you looking for out of the bigger turbo/what are the goals? Is it an interim turbo for a car you're going to continue to build, or do you think this is the setup you're going to run for a while. Fully forged internals seems a little incongruous with the rest of that build!

Originally Posted by Jussi Alanko View Post
Holset hx40 super, with 18cm2 exhaust housing, works at 350->650hp...
Wakes up early with GOOD tubular equal lenght twin-scroll exhaust manifold.

Or a hx35super, good for 300-500hp.
I ran an HX35 for a while, I would not put one on a stock head, stock manifold, IPD turbo cam car and expect a real party. If it's running LH still god help you.

Have you used these turbos on your own car?

Originally Posted by CFStark77 View Post
Also - unrelated, but hopefully you might know. I see 531 heads available online, but they're advertised as being previously used on freshwater marine engines. Are those the 8v heads that people swap onto the B230?
Yes it is. Don't hang your hat too heavily on the whole "freshwater" engine thing. Finding one that doesn't have a chewed up #4 exhaust port with a round steel sleeve hammered into it is pretty rare. If you do find one clean enough to just use as-is, people are generally asking a (fair) price for them that makes working out a 530 start to make more sense. I've had and dissected 531's and heavily worked 530's and the 531 isn't any kind of magical thing.
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