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Making Volvo Parts Fit
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Been working on the rad/ AC cold. install - I decided to revise the layout after I found a posting from another X1/9 where they tipped the rad backwards to alleviate the fans pointing uphill into the back of the tub. I can't go as extreme as in my case the AC condensor & 3" rad core prevent the same degree of offset.

Normally the rad leans forward - following the nose rake - now I have it about 6" back. Added an angle bracket at the top to locate it whilst I rework the rad support

Started cleaning up all the wiring - going to use a Volvo 900/850/x70 fan relay

chopped up some 700 ancillary adjuster arms & used the sleeves & 1378153 bushings to isolate & mount the support at the required angle

in place

welded some 3/8 stock to the rad base & threaded about an inch

bushing to isolate rad some more

Rad didn't want to align with evenly spaced brackets - determined the rad was tweaked in the accident - so I bolted a couple 6' angle iron to it & tweaked it back

test fit - had to cut the lower hose due to the increased distance

fans now sit at half below the floor line & point downward compared to original layout

made seal attachments to close off gap above & below rad

riveted seal support brackets once I got the precise location figured out

then paint

just have to finish up the fan shroud mods to compensate for the revised offset


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