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Making Volvo Parts Fit
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Did some cleanup on the shroud, and also I added a locating tab - since I removed the lower frame section of the shroud the bottom edge is no longer rigid.

Started on the wiring for the fan circuit - I'm leaving all the stock wiring intact unused, except for the AC-on trigger. The Volvo relay will go under the molded AC hose/wiring cover. I'm moving the headlamp relay mod under that cover also.

although I have the big ugly fuse breaker & Honda ELD, I really don't want extra wires running over by the battery or over to the wiper relays, so I ran new wires crimped with the fusebox supply cable, in through the bulkhead & back out into the trunk following the stock harness. I used heavier (than the Fiat) gauge Volvo wires - to make sure I don't have load issues. These will be the fused 30 supplies to the headlamp relays, wiper relays, cooling fan relay, and something else I've probably forgotten at the moment

Tidied up the new wiring (constant feeds) to the fuse box, wired the two headlamp relays & the cooling fan supply relay, and added 2 switched feeds .

Plenty of spare fused circuits should I need them. So far, every time I thought I was done, I needed more circuits.

Added 2 M6 rivnuts for relays, cooling fan/sensor grounds - one for power (fan) grounds the other for sensor/relay coil

Fuse panel will go under here, eventually. I have to fix the inner fender / strut reinforcement behind it first - I was going to leave that until next year

Weather-proof connectors finally came so I got the body-side fan connections in place
Yazaki 58 series

VW fan switch connector & boot in place

For the larger ground connections I had to buy yet another tool - I have a hydraulic crimp tool, but that is only for closed barrel type, not 'open barrel'

Cut holes for tub vents / brake ducts - I'm keeping it non-structural, so no cutting of the frame rail. Using readily available ducting. 3x4 rectangle fits between the frame.


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