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Making Volvo Parts Fit
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Cut out the right side ducts

ducts bonded in place

wiring to fan sensor done

sidetracked with some rust repair - I was going to leave this for another year or so, but I need to do it now

cut out driver's side rot

removed & cleaned up the rot off the brake line brackets

templates & cut repair sections

test fit

left side mostly done

right side tacked

Once these are finished, I have to add reinforcement plates from the strut housing back down the lower frame rail - chopped up a S40 bumper bar to use for that

Once this is done, I can get back to finishing the wiring, get the rad back in, then get the HVAC & dash back in....

My XR July2013 - 446AWHP @ 8K rpm C30 AWD conversion Feedback Thread
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