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Making Volvo Parts Fit
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Got sidetracked with replacing the DP flex coupler on my C30 last week - royal PITA with the AWD conversion

After that, got the stone chip & undercoat done in the wheel wells

Brake line retainers installed - put rivnuts in the skin & used torx machine screws

struts & brakes back in

Reworked the #8 hose to the condenser, required a #8 FOR 90 elbow due to the rad/cond re-alignment. I'll work on the #6 hose to the evaporator soon

ran the hose along the rail instead of along the water pipes - since the dogleg end of the stock hose is gone

The other end, I had to cut & splice a new section where the original was sliced in the accident

#8 straight MIOR was needed here to attach to hose running to compressor.

#6 line with orifice tube figured out. Then removed & crimped line fittings.

Fuse panel installed.

made a bracket to retain the fan relay to the inner fender

Check everything fits. I'll have to rework the carpeting for the frunk around all this


My XR July2013 - 446AWHP @ 8K rpm C30 AWD conversion Feedback Thread
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