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Default back from a while !!!!

HEy Guys , The wagon is been running since November. I have still to make lotta adjustments like the rear suspension thats hard as a rock. Also Im re-engineering the driveshaft cause the factory one is wobbly and is too weak for the power. More over the oil pump needs upgrading as well as the one single row neon radiator. I installed an emergency fan switch when it his 250 F. Also I need to readjust the emergency brakes and install a radio with a new set of speakers on a deal at Walmart. Just rewired the power door system to the alarm. Need a new windshield and also put a knock sensor to increase the power. It is a looker and young and old people stare at it either in amazement or weirdness cause maybe they haven't seen one like that or the way I have it .Now also try to solve the infamous rack and pinion stiffness by figuring out which model car will fit and I think the mustang will give me a better option because is easily attainable. Ok SEeya
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