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Default Issues with Walbro 450 and "stock" fuel pressure regulator

I have a walbro 450 and a "stock" 4bar fpr from a dodge daytona. I am having SERIOUS issues with drivability 1200-2500rpm. Everything above that is amazing.

It is on microsquirt and a turner has spend hours with it. He is saying the only thing he would put his money on is the fpr. Any help or suggestions?

IS it possible the pump it too much for a stock fuel pressure regulator?

Has anyone adapted an aftermarket FPR (like a Nuke or Aeromotive) to a stock Fuel Rail? Fuel system has been upgraded from to back with e85 safe lines... lost done to the rest of the engine... built bottom end, stage 3 KL cam, microsquirt, arp headstuds, springs, ported in head (intake and exhaust side).
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