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Originally Posted by Fa182 View Post
Don't buy that cheap Amazon / Ebay stuff.

Get all the factory stuff (manifold, turbo, oil and water lines, intercooler, ECU + EZK, etc.) from a turbo car and be done with it.
If you need something else, post an ad here in wanted.
Don't worry about the mileage on the stuff unless the turbo is shot and has excessive shaft play.
If so, you will be able to get a good quality used factory Mitsu turbo on here for a decent price.

Use a simple ball and spring type boost controller, you can even make it yourself within tb budget of $14.99.
DIY guide here:
thats what i was looking to hear, thanks. is there anything specific from a turbo car that i would want to stay away from in favor of buying it new? obviously, if things have visible damage but if everything looks alright should i just use it or would it be better to buy some stuff new?
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