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Default Performance Camshafts b230ET

Im after a new camshaft for my B230ET build, heres just a couple key points about the engine so far,

Holset H1C - 0.82 rear housing
Has A cam already
forged rods and pistons
all new bottom end rebuild
head has been port and polished (530) thats all
LS1 coil pack
Haltech 2500 elite

so i'm not looking for outright power its just a cruiser that has a bit of power when needed but im after a camshaft that will have a nice lumpy idle that is noticeable, i have looked at IPD and kgtrimning,

id like a camshaft that can be used in the head i have with minimum modifications such as shims ets does anyone have any idea where i could get a decent camshaft or recommend something to what im after?

im from Sydney Australia an hard to find anything performance related.

cheers Shane
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