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v16t is a good camshaft, kl-racings t3 is a good option.
Best route is this which i go for, and that is a full custom camshaft.

At least here in Finland, we have a lot of rallycars, and a Volvo engine is a very plentiful in rallying, we have those camshaft grinders who grinds you a custom camshaft at something about 120-170€, but you have to give a blank to the camgrinder, it had to be a,k,h or vx3.

First i send a cylinder head to porting specialist and tell which turbo i have and what i need from an engine, then he make head to me. Actually i say to head specialist that i need max power at 7200 and i need to have at least 210cfm at intake side.

Then he says to camshaft grinder what kind of powerband i need and what is my goals in power-wise. Then he grinds me a camshaft from a vx3-cam and i have 278 @ 0.050 and 12mm lift.

And when he gets my cam he installs it and shims it to 0.25mm to intake/exhaust.

If you have same kind of opportunity to regrind a camshaft, i absolutely recommed this option, But first your cam grinder needs to know your cylinder heads flow characterics, if your heads flow stops at 12mm, then you have no need to put a 14mm lift camshaft to it.

For example i needed a cylinder head/ camshaft combo, which is durable and had a good longevity. Then 210cfm is enough and this kind of goal you will have also good flow characterics at lower lifts, also flow speed in intake channels remains good enough to give a large register and good low rpm torque.

If you need a 255cfm flow for, let's say a 531 head with 48/40mm valves, then max flow goes to somewhere about 15mm lift, and if you need this kind of flow then you sacrifice some of the low rpm torque. And you need also a lot different camshaft, you need a solid 37mm lifters and very aggressive camshaft. This kind of cylinder head/camshaft combo gives you a very good hp figures and very rpm happy engine. But then you have to make a compromise at low rpm torque and also turbo spools less faster and also a little higher in rpm band compared to head which flows 210cfm.

So my long answer can be reffered to this: make your cylinder head first, then measure it at flowbench, and then you have max lift number to your new custom camshaft. Then you have to tell your camshaft grinder what you want, if you want a powerband like 3500-7500 your cam grinder make a cam for you that fullfill your needs. If you have a need for a powerband like 2000-6000rpm and a good low rpm torque, then you also can have a camshaft which is made just to yours engine specs, if you need an engine like this then for an example a-camshaft can be grinded to a "truck or torque" -camshaft, it will be a lot better than off the shelf camshafts because it was made just for you and your engine specs.
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