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My 944 has a restored salvage title, ipd sways, near perfect grey/cloth interior, ecode headlights, s90 tails, less than two year old heater core i installed, new brakes and bushings and $400 worth of properly tinted windows. The only real flaw is the paint is coming apart and the transmission is in need of replacement one of these years as the lockup works when it wants to. Never mind the custom 4-2-1 header and full new exhaust I built for it along with the silicone cooling hoses and vac lines along with strut brace and under chassis brace. Never mind the new tires and wheel spacers with 850r wheels.

How much do you think your normal person would pay for that and what would be the cost to replace all of that plus find another car in as nice of shape as mine.

The rational thing to do is when swapping the transmission to swap the flex plate and re route maybe 7 wires to make the car lh 2.4 so I can easily turbo it with the custom manifold I am planning on building. As it will be the least amount of effort, time and money spent to have a 93+ turbo car vs buying one with leather or tan interior and swapping everything over or having to buy all of those parts new and install.

Unless 93+ grey/cloth interior turbo cars with all of those upgraded and new parts grow on trees in your area. Because if they do I would gladly trade mine for one from there.
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