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Default Is this enough clearance for my tire?

I've got a set of enkei 92's with 215/70R14 cooper cobras and the tire is really really close to the strut housing/lower spring seat. I bought a set of extended wheel studs and nuts thinking that I would have to add some spacers, but I haven't had any rubbing as far as I can tell. I took a picture of the gap which looks to be almost 3mm. Second picture is with a standard volvo bone tool stuck in the space.

Would it be foolish to leave this alone, or would it be a good idea to add spacers?
1992 volvo 240 wagon:
> flavor: black on tan
> suspension: stock + 23/19mm f/r arb
> wheels: 14x6" enkei 92 + 215/70R14
> drivetrain: M47II + 3.31 + open diff
> engine: B230F + 2.5" exhaust
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