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Originally Posted by 2manyturbos View Post
IPD sells the shims for $3.69 each. Just measure the clearances and the shims that are currently in place. If any are out of spec, order the correct shim to get the clearance within spec. It doesn't have to be exactly the same on all 8. IOW, don't overthink it. Just get the clearance to fall within the acceptable range for each valve.
IPD isn't stocking all the sizes Volvo used to sell and they're out of stock on a few of sizes they do sell. Of the 25 sizes available from Volvo IPD only has 21 listed on their site and currently 6 of those are out of stock.

The kit I assembled has 34 sizes, 3.25mm-4.9mm. One smaller and 8 larger than the standard kit. I can also special order shims from 2.55mm to 5.2mm thick.
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