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I dunno a 90 744ti m46 for 2400 with paperwork to new, braces, bars, new tires, solid engine no slap or leak down, 2.5" 2 straight thrrough muffler stainless exhaust system.

Maintained it with new used jy parts. A/c worked at the time. Needed a little a/c work to keep going.

Free car. Deals pop up up here and automatic ones are a dome a dozen even fixed up. Can't sell a perfect sedan for more than about 2000 hardly, maybe a skosh more to the right person with desire for a nice one. 7 series are so worthless though and he motor won't quit that people who have them got them for free and just get cheaper post purchase.
How PSI a stock can support?
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If you send me $20$14.99, I'll send you a how-to explaining how to make $20$14.99 from people on the internet.
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