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Originally Posted by Toine van der Laan View Post
Hi Guys
I have seen a lot of posts on this message , I am looking to do the somewhat the same thing , just build a B230F with a B234F head and Pistons @10/1.
All stock ! ,
Now I want to turbo it at max 10Psi and have bought the Chinese front mount turbo exhaust manifold, my question is what kind off turbo or which turbo should I use to get a powerband from 2000 rpm and on
I am not looking for max power , 200-250 bhp is just fine for me .
I am using stock LH2,4 and EZK with bushka WS bord , all other parts are stock !!
Anyone up for the challenge , I cannot images someone hasn't tried this before
A volvo/mitsu 15g or 16t should be sufficient. Since you have (i'm guessing) a t3 flanged manifold, a small Garrett t3 would do also, your spool may not be that low, but it should be pretty close
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