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Originally Posted by DavePolyakov View Post
I just got back from my first drive with the T5! I went on the drive without measuring my driveline angles, assuming they were off. There was vibration from 1800-2500 at least. Not super aggressive but definitely there. I'll fix my angles in the next couple of days and that should improve things. I think I accidentally measured my front shaft 0.5-1.0 inch shorter than it should have been. The edge of the damper is basically flush with the end of the transmission as seen in the picture. This is probably sticking out a little further than ideal right? However, I think I will have to lower my center support bearing to achieve better angles and this will push it back in a little further but I'm not sure by how much. Also, when I measure the diff where should I place my phone on it? I don't exactly a flat spot that's would be accurate. I'm using the Tremec app.
Yeah, that's a bit too much sticking out, you only want about 3/4" to 1".

For the phone app try using the rib on the side of the diff, should be inline with the pinion.
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