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Originally Posted by GTJordan View Post
Sport suspension (here) you could get on anything, but really only came on the R designs. I believe it won't change anything with the control arm.

Typically the rear bushing goes out on the P1 chassis. It is usually duplicated by rolling at slow-ish speed then quickly tapping the brake pedal. This forces the rear of the control arm in and out causing a clunk. It is the easiest way to duplicate it when driving.

I'd inspect the struts for signs of leakage/or a broken spring. Check the links while you're at it.

You don't indicate clunk front or rear, but by your description I'm assuming you're hearing a front clunk.

Hmm I see. I heard that there is a very slight geometry change, but they certainly don't look any different in pictures. I think I remember seeing on another board that you can identify the suspension type with an ID tag.

Yep. I read your reply last night and did the replication this morning. Big clunk! Thanks for the tip.

My apologies. Yes, this is a front end clunk.
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