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Do you know whether you are going to do wasted spark or are you planning for full sequential on fuel and spark with individual coils for each cylinder. That would be a good thing to figure out first because it will determine whether you need just a crank position signal or both a crank and cam position signal.

I suggest that you get the MSExtra Set up and Hardware manuals and read them

You should be able to figure out what you need to do after reading the manuals or at least be able to ask slightly more focused questions. Read the manuals before making any additional purchases.

If you are stuck on using LS coils, there are a pile of GM products sitting in junk yards with those coils. You can probably get them for $10 - $15 each at a pick and pull if and when you need them. I picked up the four Denso COPs I use on my car for $35 at my local pick and pull.

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