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Originally Posted by planetman View Post
I wouldn't suspect the head gasket yet.

Try resealing the thermostat housing and water pump.

We don't use anything but green coolant in the old Volvos we service unless the customer requests differently.
Gotcha, thanks for confirming the green coolant is fine. For the water pump and the thermostat, should I replace the parts as well since they have to come out anyways?

Originally Posted by dl242gt View Post
This is a good application for the dye. You can get a UV dye kit from autozone and find out just where the leak is coming from. You can also do a pressure test of the system and see if there is any seepage from that location.
That's a great suggestion. I was thinking of sealing the water pump and the thermostat first, and then maybe put the UV dye so that it's easier to see where the leak is coming from? My understanding of the pressure test is that it would cause the weak point to leak first and with the water pump mushroom seal leaking at idle and the thermostat housing seeping, it might be worthwhile to fix those first?

For the thermostat, I see that there's a gasket and an o-ring. Can both of be purchased from the dealer? RockAuto shows the o-rings in plenty but the gasket for the thermostat housing seems to be difficult to find?

In terms of general maintenance, the car had it's TB changed in 2015 about 10k miles ago. Since I have to take most of things off to get to the WP, should I replace the timing belt and tensioner as well or is it fine to leave them as is for now? Same thing with the water pump, might as well replace it?
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