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I'm doing two 1800E 410s with B20 bell housings now. One for the 1800s racing car and the other for the '68 122 wagon. Using the larger and stronger 164 input shafts with custom clutch discs with 164 splines. They are not easy to work on, some special tools are required, some of which were found and I had to make a puller for the output shaft bearings.

164 410 input shaft on the left M40/M41 on the right. Everything inside of them is about 25% larger and stronger. Good for racing and can handle a lot of torque and HP.

Parts are expensive and new syncros are very hard to find and some of the things needed including a new second gear were found in Sweden. I've now have a source there for NOS parts. The counter shaft bearings need be updated because the originals are weak.

hiperfauto and his brother Planetman helped me with a few things and they know a quite a bit about them as well.

I have five of them now and four of the rare B20 bell housings.

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