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Thanks daniels740. I'll leave the black 75kPa cap on. I also replaced the fan clutch with a spare "tropical" version that I had. I took the timing belt cover off and the belt and tensioner look to be in good condition. So I'll leave those alone.

I'm about to order the water pump and t-stat for the car.
From RA:
1. Gates 33616 o-ring: $0.54
2. Mahle/Clevite TX12487D 87C t-stat: $11.13
3. Gates 42309 water pump: $21.79
Total with taxes and shipping with 5% off code: $43.77 (WP is lifetime warranty)

1. HEPU water pump: $44.29
2. Calorstat 87C t-stat (including the seal): $16.49
Total with taxes and shipping: $74.87

Any advise on if the parts I picked on RA are acceptable?
Irrespective, I'll be getting the mushroom seal and the heater pipe seal/o-ring from the dealer.

Also, on a separate note, how does one take off the ac and alternate belts off? I got the 13mm bolt on the front of the AC compressor and loosened the 10mm tension long bolt, but it won't budge. It's a 1991 940SE sedan

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