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Originally Posted by 240-FAN View Post
None of the advance autos around here had the parts in stock and the local NAPA hasn’t been very helpful in the past. So I went ahead and ordered the Gates pump along with the Mahle 87c t-stat off RA.

Are there any tricks on getting the water pump and the mushroom seal to seal up correctly? I had a buddy of mine who used to fool a bunch with red blocks help me on my 240. But he’s no longer around thanks to Covid...

The current water pump is seeping fluid out from the mushroom seal under gravity with the car parked. I wiped it off today morning and sure enough there was some anti freeze when I went to check on it some time back.
I'm sorry for your loss.

From what I learned doing only one pump replacement on a redblock, you want to grease up the mushroom seal nice and good and make sure it seats properly. Once you get it into position, you want to pull up on the pump while you tighten the pump to the block.

To make sure it sealed nice and tight when I installed my water pump, I blew into the coolant expansion tank almost until my eyes popped out, to hear a slight hiss from the mushroom seal. Turns out it buckled, so I put a different one in (ordered multiple just in case) after cleaning the mating surface. I greased both it and the mating surface up REAL good.

It's also good to grease the outside of the o ring that slips into the back of the pump metal transfer tube.

TL;DR: Just grease up your seals really good, pull up on the pump before/while tightening it.

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