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Originally Posted by mikep View Post
Came for the tunnel ram, was disappointed.

I’m going to the “looks factory”... look.

The K-Jet will work nicely. Larger than the stock Fox box. Will have to upgrade to a 70mm Ford MAF to match the 70 BBK throttle body. Then ad hoc some pipes with an adapter to the airbox. Slap on a cone filter and I’m done.

The only problem is the pipe to the airbox from the behind the grill is a tad too small for the five-oh flow.

I believe for the box to work properly all the air has to be fed from original location. I suppose I could enlarge the port and make a larger oval hole beside the rad and cram as much pipe as I can in there... or. I could enlarge the port and run a splitter to run second pipe to the fender well that is an equal length and diameter to the OE one.

She’s built like a steakhouse but, she handles like a bistro.

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