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Originally Posted by Hotrodphil View Post
Hi all.

My names Phil and hotrodphil is used as that's also my Instagram name.

Thanks for the add.

I'm from a little village called Atherstone in the UK.

I've just brought a 77 volvo 242 from sts machining in Oregon and currently having a ford 8.8 fitted before the ship it out to me.

It's got a 5.3 ls in it with a t56 atm but will be swapping in a 4l80e and turboing it with a garrett gt4594 what also has volvo in the casting for that extra touch.

My aim will be 600whp on our premium fuel 98 octane no e45 or anything as don't get it in the UK.

I've seen 55superbeetles build and that was the car that made me want to get a 242 with a turbo ls set up after seeing on YouTube with what must of been one of the newer owners.

I would add a few pics of the car so far but don't know how to on here as don't know what attachment to click on and will be looking about mid October by time get the car in the UK. So will load more then. I will also be finding out what shifter I need to get to fit in also if anyone has any recommendations for one for a 4 speed with manual valve body.
My introduction to a Volvo was quite different. I got a $500 car on emergency life support and learned how to pull wrenches and spend unnecessary money. I wish that I could have started with a 242 that STS did and had delivered.

Jealous and happy for you at the exact same time! Do Post pics.
Originally Posted by cleanflametrap View Post
Take care with your mods. In the past 20 years I've read a story or two about monkeyed seat heaters being the cause of a serious carbecue.
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