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Originally Posted by bobxyz View Post
Why LH2.2 and not LH2.4?

LH2.4/EZ116K has much better tuning and chipping support, which will help with your non-factory setup. [The 123 distributors do give you ignition tuning capability, but they're not cheap -- maybe $400-$500 range?]
Simplicity and I have a complete 2.2 conversion here .

I'm not chasing power or anything crazy just making a comfortable daily driver.
I did consider going 2.4 but honestly I don't think it's needed and I literally have everything on hand to go 2.2.
if I went 2.4 I would need to stuff around with speed signal, changing flywheels etc etc it's not a massive thing but I also don't have those parts on hand.

if I didn't have the overbored 2.5l motor I would just be dropping a stock b230f in with the m47 and calling it a day. the car is my gfs daily driver so just keeping it simple.

originally I was just going to go twin Webber's, I thought that would be a nice little combo but I have a whole 2.2 conversion so why not use it I won't be asking much of it so it should cope well, if the H cam is abit aggressive for it I'll swap it out for an A cam.
although as said previously a mate is running a H in his 2.2 car and it runs flawlessly.
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