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Update, I started on my "good" set. The upper/outer light bucket is by far the worst one, as well as the top of the housing. It turns into a grey powdery substance. So as I did above, I shaved it down to plastic, then sanded it. The bucket was tougher. I ended up using a Dremel with a stainless steel brush wheel in it. This must be done very carefully, it shoots grey dust everywhere then all of a sudden it starts to melt. A gentle touch is key!

I applied the SS tape, then went over it with a PTFE trim tool to smooth out as many bubbles and rough edges as possible. I started hand polishing the tape, then remembered I have my Dremel out and have polishing wheels for it. That turns a 20 minute per bucket job into a 10 minute total job.

This housing is now sanded and wiped with denatured alcohol, ready for Rustoleum adhesion promoter and semi gloss black paint. Going black because it will match the car better than silver.

This job is difficult to get good pics of, hopefully they make the point even though you can't see the dramatic difference in the polish pics.

The grey that needs to be removed:

Left side is polished with the Dremel and Wenol polish

FCP Euro sells this as a "Volvo trim tool", was quite helpful in the corners and curves.

Exterior of housing is now sanded and cleaned for paint.

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