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Originally Posted by Vol242vo View Post
Looking great, love the last picture.
Thanks. Have not really posted many pictures of the C30, than again it's not really worthy of a project thread since it's just got bolt ons.

I tried to get the engine mounted in place yesterday in the ES

Unfortunately, I was under the impression the Yoshifab HD rubber mounts would work in the 1800 with his brackets but the pad on the crossmember where they rest is too small. I'll just run 164 motor mounts I guess.

The left rear of the oil pan is also too close for comfort to the lower control arm. I am going to drop the lower control arm today and give that corner a few careful whacks.

I realized all this after I had got the engine in most of the way. I put the engine and transmission in at the same time, which is a pretty cumbersome task on an 1800 but doable if you are patient and have a load leveler. For now, it's at least resting on some old 240 motor mounts I hacked the studs off of so it has some support.

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