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Played with the car on the rollers this weekend (because why not), mainly working back in the "hot" tune and undoing most of the corrections that happened when the injectors were gummed up (and again, why not), and mucked with the boost control.. which is suspect at this point unfortunately. Works great up to around 18psi, then after that the weak wastegate makes it very difficult to keep the boost up from roughly 4500 out to 6k (the meat and taters of your average 8v powerband). it does behave differently on the street by a little bit, but still not as consistent as I'd like.
Whenever the turbo comes off I'll probably re-do the downpipe and plumb in an external gate or something along those lines.

Set the new intake manifold up on there to get a rough idea of how that'll lay out... it's gonna require... some changes. Still, looking forward to that.
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