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Originally Posted by klr142 View Post
Ouch! Could've been much worse it sounds like.

Yes, but when they're advertised as being one thing and actually are another, that's not cool. I haven't found the paperwork yet that says what I was told they were, but I can locate it or an email with the info I think. We didn't have any issues with the ENEM K13 camshaft and the larger valves when we ran it in the General Leif last year revving to 7k rpm though and I don't think the seat pressures have changed since you worked on it last.
Were the springs brand new when they were measured as being " barely above stock"? Was this on the head that had the valves sunk super far into it? I can't honestly remember

What I'm was trying to say earlier is that ANY spring will soften up and be significantly lower than it's advertised rate/spec after a few cycles (more like 1 million cycles)
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