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Default How to setup a 15g/16t/18t/19t for RWD

i know a smart man would not do this as it MIGHT hurt my selling of turbo business BUT i'm more about helping people so here goes

ok so first you get the turbo unbolt everything, and take it apart remove the guide pins ... haha and clean it (i have pics of this but i need to find them so i'll add them later)

and NOW from there you assemble it pics should speak more than words .. if you have any questions please ask

notice the drilled out hole... you need to remove the two studs and drill out the holes so it fits a 90+

now once you figure out the clocking of the center you drop it in and reinstall the snap ring (two ways to align it one is by eye and the other i will NOT tell)

remember the oil feed hole goes on TOP

now it is easy .. just clock/align the turbine with the center and bolt it on .. i have two ways of doing this one is by eye and the other i will not tell because i am a punk

once it is all together a quick and easy bracket will do the job(it is really thin and there is a nut welded onto the back of the actuator to space it off just a little to keep the thing bracket from bending along with should be enough toget some good preload and adjustment of the arm

you can see the nut i welded on for spacing

so there ya go .. does that help anyone? or make anyone want to buy a turbo from me? hehe

one key that i might not of mentioned was that if you are swaping in a Mitsu TD04HL into a 90+ turbo car will drop in with all of the OEM oil feed and return lines unless your car has a T25 in which the feed does work but requires one hell of a custom WG setup

if you have an older turbo car you WILL need to get the mitsu oil feed and return lines along w/ the water cooling lines and banjo bolts off another 90+ turbo car

OR you could build your own custom line .. which there are other threads with that info in that i will link here once i find them
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