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Default ms required fuel

Ok, I have installed my new engine. Before I was running megasquirt with 650cc injectors on E85. My required fuel was at 13.5, I know my injectors were to small. My new engine I installed 1000cc injectors. I tried to start it tonight but it immediately flooded the engine. Thinking about it I think I need to lower the required fuel. But unsure where to start. The megasquirt says 3.9? But thats for gas so would I be correct to go with like 6.0 or 8? I was smart and pulled the plugs and letting cylinders to dry out. I also added some gas cause it cold here and know e85 can be cantancerous in winter. Heres my specs.

90 240
Stage 3 cam
larger valves and ported head
custom header
Turbo GTX3067r
3 inch ex.
1000cc injectors
3 inch intercooler piping
Big intercooler
External wastegate
External BOV
90 Volvo 240-my current setup.
B230ft rebuilt -MS-Turbo-E85

1985 240 Work in progress.

sons car- 93 240-15g turbo-chipped-95,000 miles. Slick car

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