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You need to check it with a dial indicator. The cam needs to be locked at the TDC position with the cam lock plate that goes into the back of the camshaft with the rear pulley removed. After setting the base engine timing with the cam locked and the flywheel at TDC, then you can move onto pump timing. The procedure is listed in the D24 greenbook which can be found on and you need to set the base injection timing to roughly .95mm on the dial indicator face. It is a really in depth procedure but the green book outlines it fairly well. Also, is a great resource base for these cars.
Originally posted by Forg: "How To Properly Seafoam A Saab In One Easy Steps":

Step 1. Push into sea.

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I was hitting the brakes real hard and the grille flew out and I ran it over
Only on a Volvo...

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A volvo 240 with the front wheels chopped off would be a reliable all wheel drive vehicle.
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