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Got a follow up question for the folks here. I was able to get the Nivomat on one side. I found the front bolts and such for the control arm which are crusty. So my preference is to not touch them. IÂ’ve been soaking the back single bolt on the control arm for 4-5 days now in combination wd40 and pb blaster. Using my foot long breaker bar, nothing. IÂ’m able to move the whole control arm but the bolt is firmly in place.

Can I swap out the nivomat with just the regular shock and leave the existing spring? The car is driven maybe 500 miles a year and thereÂ’s no load/luggage outside for an occasional front passenger. Will this be acceptable? The current nivomats are in full slam mode lol.

If this is an issue, I might have a shop change out the springs in spring. Until then, is it ok to keep the car on the regular shocks since itÂ’ll be parked anyways until snow season is over?
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