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The internals of the engine : rods, bearings, pistons, cams are all interchangeable with the correct automotive parts.... and this will most likely save you money.
The downside is that there are no "cheap" piston options, 86mm stroke NA 16v pistons are around $700-800 for a set of 4 with rings.
Alternatively, you can take a b230ft (turbo) piston, remove 3mm from the top of the crown and add valve reliefs. This is going to be the cheapest way most likely.. I have not priced a aq171 piston.

The connecting rods are 152mm length, and can be swapped with a b230 automotive con-rod.

For cams, You can find a set of Penta cams for reasonable cheap.. or slap a b234f "car" cam in there and call it good.
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