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Originally Posted by Wilford Brimley View Post
Pulled from jy...anyway to tell without it in?
Some small jumper wires, or just hold it next to the battery.
Base to (-)Neg, touch wire to (+) Pos.
If it clicks, the inner plunger piece is probably moving okay.

Next, test for actual flow.
You'll need some way to apply fluid or air pressure (or suction) to one of the holes on the base.
Mityvac with a pointy tip jammed in the big hole?
Empty Bic pen sealed to the outside of a hole with a wad of chewing gum, and the other end to your mouth with duct tape?
Or whatever you can come up with.
At rest, the passage should be closed and sealed (no flow).
With power, the passage should open, and there should be good flow (for the size).

If no click or no flow, the passage or plunger is likely plugged with metal "dust" from normal trans operation.

Since the default "enabled" mode of the solenoid is energized to keep the passage open, any tiny molecule of steel that wears off the clutch plates or gears will be attracted and trapped by the solenoid's magnetic field. Over time, the buildup of crap jams/plugs the solenoid, and no more OD.
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