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Default U joint pain and misery.

I am right now working on replacing the u joints on my amazon. I found the rearmost joint was rather crunchy (no grease fitting) and I've already done the front most joint. So I decided it was time to do the two in the rear half of the shaft.

I ran into some trouble. I bought some moog 341 joints, which should fit but I wasn't able to get the clip into the grooves on both sides. I decided to compare them to the GMB joint I had lying around (came missing grease nipple and clips, so it sat in the parts bin). It would appear that the moog joints are a bit too long along both axes to fit quite right. A bit less than a millimeter. How should I proceed? Go find another u joint and grab a grease nipple for the GMB? Be very careful with some sandpaper on the caps of the moog joints? Give up and day drink?

I'd like to get the car out of the garage so I can do the brakes on my VW.
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