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Two sources of shifter slop on the original style long swan neck shifter. One sort of easy to fix, the other more involved.

The technically easy to fix problem is deterioration of the two rubber bushings inside the shift lever. If you can easily twirl the shift lever knob those bushings are almost certainly history. Easy to replace (just yank the shift lever outer chrome part off); but, the bushings are / were out of production. Contact Hi Performance Auto in Torrance CA. They were making Poly reproductions. That is where I got mine.

The other slop point is wear in the shift lever pivot points in the top cover. You can find threads on different Volvo forums describing the repair. You essentially have to find bushings to fit over the two pivot pins on the shift lever and then grind out the slots on the top cover opening to accept the larger bushings.

Check the rubber bushings first because it is a more common problem than the worn pivots.
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