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Default Hard stall, now engine randomly shuts off?

For starters, my car is a 93' 940 turbo. A few days ago my clutch cable snapped as I was coming to a stop, didn't pop it into neutral fast enough and stalled it. Was a pretty hard one; once I pushed it to the side of the road the car would crank over but not start. Replaced the cable on the side of the road, and mercifully by the time I was done it decided it felt like starting again. However, now the engine will shut off while driving, seemingly at random. It seems to happen more once the car has warmed up, but I can't say for certain.

Since this issue started, I've reset the ecu, confirmed that I haven't jumped timing, swapped in a known good crank position sensor. Didn't find any grounds that shook loose. Don't have any lights on the dash. I believe it's tied to ignition - when it dies the tach immediately shoots to zero, no stumbling or stalling. Put it in neutral, turn the ignition and it'll start right back up again and run for a couple more minutes before it happens again. Quite annoying to deal with on my morning commute.

Anyone have any ideas on what else to check?
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